New light helicopter fabricated with carbon fiber and epoxy resin.  

Dependable and proven automotive engine provides for affordable and easy to obtain spare parts.

One piece molded tailboom and smart fan

Main rotor blades fabricated from high strength composites, tail rotor blades are of carbon fiber construction.


    Specially designed one piece molded cabin and fuselage including firewall, seats, instrument panel and floor.  

Airframe built from 4130 chrome moly aircraft tubing. Cockpit, and all structural panels are built from Carbon fiber; the same materials used in a Formula One Race Car.

Easy fabrication and assembly is possible because of many prefabricated components. The Helismart can be assembled in approximately 250 hours of work for a first time builder without special fixtures or tooling.

The cockpit provides extra head room for tall pilots and includes adjustable pedals.

Fuel consumption is as low as 7 gallons of 92 octane gasoline, (Avgas not necessary). Optional engine control unit (ECU) programming allows for ethanol usage!

Supercharged engine provides for high altitude and/or hot day performance reserves.

The 8 bladed smart fan type tail rotor offers positive directional control, and is highly efficient is crosswinds. Being fully shrouded, it provides for safety in the event of a tail strike and unmatched security for ground personnel.

Tens of thousands of hours and engineering and thousands of hours of flight testing have proven the Helismart to be a delight to fly.

The Flight governor assisting the power control let you feel like flying a turbine helicopter

The electronic engine governor provides precise control of engine and rotor rpm equivalent to those on turbine powered helicopters - without the risk of over torque.

Optional 2 axis trim servos for cyclic control makes directional control effortless for cross countries up to 4 hours at full gross weight.

The composite main rotor blades and high inertia rotor provide for safer autorotative characteristics.

The Helismart comes with all parts properly sized for easy fit-up. A well detailed step by step construction manual is provided. All materials and parts are inspected and approved before being sent with your kit.

Should you require it, your dealer will assist you during the fabrication and assembly process of the Helismart. Or, assembly of the aircraft can be completed at one of our dealerís workshops with the level of assistance you require.

When your Helismart is completed, our team will provide you with proper training before the first flight. Your first flight will be with one of our test pilots, to provide for safety and security in the aircraft and your piloting abilities.

For non-rated helicopter pilots, flight training schools will be available soon.


Instrument panel


Digital LCD Instrument panel standard with VHF and GPS


3D Synthetic Terrain vision and

3D runways with appoach information
    Standard helicopter instrument layout.  

Scanned raster aeronautical map in "track up" display


All gages, artificial horizon, turn and bank and engine instruments, alarms

chip detectors, low rpm, warning lamps on one scope in front of the pilot eyes.

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